Town Halls

Third Town Hall Meeting (12/13)– MINUTES 

I. Welcome, Sign-In

II. Recap of prior Town Hall meetings

III. Presentations of Individual Project Proposals– Skype: Laura Hudson and Eric Leshinsky.

IV. Q & A regarding Individual Proposals

V. Conclusion

Second Town Hall Meeting (11/9)– MINUTES

I. Recap & Sign In

  • View trailer
  • Address steps taken since the last meeting: blog, video interviews, garden, etc.

II. Proposals

  • Discuss: Utopia as progression/process
  • Purpose: For people who can’t make it to meetings (work, etc.) and would like to participate virtually & people who are late coming into the program.

III. Brainstorming Session

  • Discuss: What should the values of a city be?

First Town Hall Meeting (9/7)– MINUTES

I. Welcome & Sign In

Introduction—Meet our Museum Staff

  • Who: The DCCA received a grant to do an exhibition entitled imPERFECT CITY. This is a participatory exhibition created by and for the people in our community.
  • What: A city as exhibition that starts with a conversation about what the perfect city would look like that materializes as three-dimensional form in the galleries beginning in March 2012.
  • When: September 2012 – June 2013
  • Where: The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE
  • Why: Why build a city in the DCCA? In order to imagine a more perfect Wilmington

II. Brainstorming Session – What Makes a Great City? If you were to imagine a city beyond your wildest dreams, what would it include?

III. Conclusion


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