The following are imPERFECT CITY mottos generated by citizens:

  • Welcome
  • Come In, We’re Open
  • Do It Together
  • A Place To Be
  • A Machine For Living Well
  • A Place To Become
  • A Place To Thrive
  • Diversity Celebration
  • Think Globally, Act Locally
  • An Un-Gated Community
  • A Place To Imagine
  • A State Of Mind
  • Where Life Is Enough
  • Strive To Be Your Best
  • Helping Each Other Succeed
  • Live With Presence
  • Unwanting
  • The City That Makes Dreams Happen
  • A City Everyone Can Be Proud Of
  • Just Keep Moving Forward
  • Where Money Never Matters
  • For The People, By The People
  • Come As You Are
  • A Concrete Eden
  • A Place To Actually Be Somebody

2 thoughts on “Mottos

  1. Jay H. says:

    Don’t know if you received my email. Had suggested “A State of Mind”

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