Maiza Hixson

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Citizen Bio

Maiza Hixson is the Gretchen Hupfel Curator of Contemporary Art at the DCCA. She is also founder of the SHAFT Space with Lauren Ruth. Hixson has extensive museum and curatorial experience, having worked for the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia as well as serving as associate curator of the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati and curatorial fellow in the Contemporary Art Department at the J.B. Speed Art Museum in Louisville, KY. Her curatorial work was recently featured in the People’s Biennial. She has curated such exhibitions as: Young Country: Rural Themes in Contemporary Art and Masters of the Visual Universe: An M.F.A. Biennial. She organized solo exhibitions on artists Marilyn Minter and C. Spencer Yeh and curated American Idyll: Contemporary Art, Karaoke; Oh Boy! Men and Masculinity;and Curatorial Investigations of the Mutant Sublime. Hixson organized a solo show on two Philadelphia-based artists, The Dufala Brothers, as well as a thematic group exhibition on interactive, new media devices in contemporary art titled Contraption. Hixson’s 2013-2014 exhibition program, Radical Participation: A Series of Four Interactive Exhibitions was recently funded by the Warhol Foundation and will be implemented at the DCCA.

3 thoughts on “Maiza Hixson

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