Lauren Ruth

1374DCCA Athletic Club and the Three Month “Marathon”

The DCCA Athletic Club is a gym and exercise area available for visitor use! Join us on Friday afternoons for ab class, take a jab at the punching bag, or stretch out on a yoga mat. The athletic club is free and open to all during regular DCCA hours! Be sure to check the imPERFECT CITY calendar or upcoming classes and events!

The athletic club is also excited to host the Three Month “Marathon,” a series of curated runs totaling the full length of a marathon.  Over the course of three months we will tour different Wilmington neightborhoods and discover new and exciting parts of the city during eight 3.275-mile runs.

Runners and walkers of all ability levels are invited to participate in this athletic artwork, presented as part of the Drift exhibtion. Space is limited, so sign up now!

The Three Month “Marathon”

Kick-off run is 12:00pm on Sunday, March 3rd at the DCCA
Participation is a free, 18 years and older. See flyer here.

Sign up below!

Lauren Ruth Drift

Head Shot, Lauren Ruth


DCCA Athletic Club. Images: 1 2. Images of past work: 1 2 3 4

Citizen Bio

Lauren Ruth is an artist and founder of The Shaft Space with Maiza Hixson. Ruth works in a variety of media including sculpture, video, and performance and has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, the Corcoran College of Art & Design, the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pageant Gallery and Grizzly Grizzly Gallery, among other venues. She has performed at the Wassaic Project Summer Festival and the Receiver Time-Based Media Festival and was resident artist at the Recycled Artist in Residency and Ox-Bow School of Art. Ruth is currently Professorial Lecturer in Sculpture at George Washington University in DC.

Photography by Christian Kaye,

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