Jon Cox


Who’s Downstream: An Exploration of the Impact of Urban Water Runoff (with Jules Bruck and Tony Middlebrooks)

Citizen Bio

Jon Cox currently teaches documentary photography/video, digital media, and foundation design. He is developing a new interdisciplinary cross-college design process practicum course. He serves as chair of the public relations committee and mentors summer scholars and service-learning scholars. His courses engage students with real world problems by working with community partners both locally and abroad. Cox has photographed on all seven continents and has directed twenty study abroad programs. His study abroad destinations include Antarctica, Tanzania, Vietnam, Australia, Tasmania and Patagonia. Cox is leading his first study abroad program to Cambodia in January 2013, where his students will create a book with Buddhist Monks and interact with students at The Royal University of Phnom Penh.

Cox’s work aims to bring about social change at the local and global level. He integrates his Bachelor of Science degree and design perspective through collaborative sustainable landscape plans for a variety of public spaces including such venues as the world-renowned Philadelphia Flower Show. His collaborative installations educate the public on incorporating sustainable practices that are aesthetically pleasing, while improving our environment and quality of life. Cox’s most recent photography work is a documentary book about the Hadza Hunter Gatherers of Tanzania. The goal of his collaborative project that began in 2006 is to raise awareness about indigenous peoples’ land rights and reduce the negative stigma surrounding hunter-gathers. The documentary book is being printed in English and Swahili and will be distributed worldwide. All proceeds of the book will go to the Dorobo Fund, a non-profit organization fighting for the rights of indigenous peoples of Tanzania. A series of lectures and photography exhibitions is currently being planned throughout the US, UK and Tanzania to promote the book and the Dorobo Fund.

M.F.A., University of Hartford Art School, 2004

B.S. (Entomology) University of Delaware, 1998


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