Check here often for an updated list of citizens’ ideas for imPERFECT CITY.

  • Create a Visitor’s Bureau
  • Navigate the space of the DCCA in a different way (possibly in the rafters) & involve children in this
  • Create a children’s building project in the gallery
  • Create a canned food sculpture and donate the cans at the end
  • Have an architectural historian investigate the history of the building
  • Create a blog or zine with several reporters
  • Have a ‘free wall’ for citizens to show on- a space that is constantly changing where people can hang their own art
  • Hold festivals and parades
  • Run a CSPAN channel, radio station, and/or Public Service Announcements
  • Power the city through “people power” (people exercising)
  • Have a health club with yoga classes
  • Have an open mic night with performances, poetry, etc.
  • Create an alternative currency
  • Have an imPERFECT CITY job board and post jobs online and in the gallery
  • For project ideas that can’t be executed within imPERFECT CITY, allow them to take place ‘one night only’ during Loop Night
  • Create something in empty lots throughout the community- engage more people through an offsite location & use the opportunity to beautify the city
  • Include the history of the concept of utopia (Sir Thomas More)
  • Create a form of citizen self-organization to facilitate participation
  • Elect representatives
  • Include food, drink, performance and sports- forms of entertainment
  • Audio-record Town Hall Meetings and play them back in the gallery space
  • Invite Wilmington mayoral candidates to an informal dinner at the DCCA
  • Have someone run for mayor of imPERFECT CITY
  • Make a forest of hammocks where citizens can hang out, do yoga, etc.
  • Have a clean public pool
  • Host a nightclub in the afternoon so people can dance “when they’re actually awake”
  • Create more public seating

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