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Donald Dunham began teaching at Philadelphia University as an adjunct professor of architecture in 2002. He has taught first and second year design and architecture studios, and has been involved in the 5th year thesis studio as an academic and professional advisor, and critic. In fall 2009, Donald joined the faculty in the School of Architecture as a full time member. He is currently teaching as well as coordinating the 4th year architecture studio, which focuses on the tectonics of architecture as well as the integration of architectural and structural systems. He also teaches a history of architecture course, ‘Great Buildings’, for architectural engineering majors.

Donald’s current research focuses on the broad spectrum of architectural utopianism, and specifically how the utopian impulse informs vernacular architecture: this underlies architectural responses to nature, such as better orientation, ventilation, organization, and structure related to economy. A publication, ‘The Battle for Utopia in Architecture’, is currently underway.

Donald worked as a design architect for the Louis de Soissons Partnership in London, Halpern and Partners Architects in London and Paris, Peter Munselle Architecture in Los Angeles, and Michael Ryan Architects in Philadelphia. In addition he has worked in museum exhibitions for the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the National Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa. While in New Zealand, he taught architecture at Victoria University and lectured on the conservation of art objects in transit.

His Kelly House 1996, in California, and his own house, Wing 2001, in Pennsylvania, have been published. Donald is a registered architect, RA.

M.Arch., Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
B.S. Arch., University of Southern California

Photography by Christian Kaye,

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