Chris Golas

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DCCA’s First Locally Sourced Micro Farm and Cyber Café. Images: 1 2 3

Citizen Bio

Chris Golas graduated from Tyler School of Art with a BFA (Belief in Finding Acceptance) in 2006 and has been making work on his days off, from the income generating day job, ever since.  He exhibits around 2-4 times a year in both solo and group exhibitions and also collaboratively on additional projects.  Chris is primarily a project-oriented artist although he does have studio work.  His definition of project-oriented is best defined through an acronym MOIST: Money. Opportunity. Idea. Space. Time.   When all five of these objectives collide then new work presents itself.  His favorite phrase, “If the cake is MOIST, then eat it!” was adopted shortly after the discovery of the acronym.   He co-founded and co-operated the now defunct FLUXspace gallery and ArtMakingMachine Studios with his comrades in Philadelphia from 2006-2010.  At FLUXspace he curated and co-curated several exhibitions as well as handled event planning and promotion/outreach for the organization.  At ArtMakingMachine Studios he helped rent studios, handle the books and also support the development and facilitate improvements on studios and workspace.


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  1. […] first, proposed by Maeve Coudrelle (in conjunction with Maiza Hixson and Chris Golas) is a Radical Reading Room, intended as a space of introspection, where citizens can rest and enjoy […]

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