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Finley + Muse Proposal Profile

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Artist collaborators since 1988, John Muse and Jeanne Finley submitted the imPERFECT CITY proposal, Inside/Outside (tentative title).

Finley + Muse‘s proposal seeks to allow space for collective memorial as a means of understanding and reconciling with loss. The artists plan to invite community leaders to work with them, as citizens of imPERFECT CITY,  on a project that will move roadside and street memorials (outlawed in Delaware) from ‘outside’ the museum to ‘inside’ it.

As part of their project, they created a Panoramio page tracking roadside monuments in and around Delaware. Citizens are invited to submit their own photographs on Panoramio “of the memorial objects, sites, and elements of landscape found in the state of Delaware, US,” adhering to the following guidelines: “include enough contextual features—road and landscape—to pass the scrutiny of the reviewers who select images for Google Earth.” To submit images, citizens must first create a Panoramio account here (click ‘Sign up’ at the top right) and then request to join the Delaware Roadside Memorials Group here. Alternatively, photographs may be emailed, with a location and description, to

The full proposal can be found here, or listed on our Proposals page.

What would you memorialize and how would you represent it?