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Orientation Station

imPERFECT CITY citizen, Dennis Beach, created this model for the exhibition’s Orientation Station, a welcome area where visitors can obtain resources and learn about the city. The ‘brain’ of the exhibition, this area will contain information on all imPERFECT CITY proposals; books and articles about utopia, exhibition as process, artistic authorship, the evolving role of the curator, and more; DCCA staff to greet and orient visitors; and a calendar with upcoming city programming.


The structure is the height of a tall desk, with supports containing shelving for various books and resources.

It has no identifiable front or back, leaving it open for visitors to circulate in and around it.

Beach says that the wood can either remain natural or be colored (black or a brighter hue).

How do you think this design embodies utopia? What would you like the Orientation Station to include?