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What is Radical Participation?

Under the theme of Radical Participation, multiple living exhibitions in 2013-14 hinge upon visitor interactivity and institutional transparency, and broaden our scope with projects that call attention to the act of curating itself as an aesthetic medium and form of social practice. Entertaining principles of engagement with such exhibitions as imPERFECT CITY: A Real-Time Exhibition (2013); LITTLE WHITE CUBES: The Gallery As Work of Art (2014); DRIFT: DCCA’s Moving Museum (2013); and CUR(EAT): Curate + Create (2013), the DCCA draws upon the visitor as artist to complete exhibitions.  Supported by publications, discussions and related activities, this programming pushes the boundaries of the DCCA beyond the local definition of contemporary art while engaging new audiences and supporting new artists. Radical Participation curator Maiza Hixson endeavors to create the conditions for participatory democracy while negotiating the limits of its goal within a museum framework.

The Radical Participation blog was started in September, 2012 for the following reasons:

  • To facilitate curatorial transparency
  • To promote broad public participation
  • To create an archive of events and ideas relating to the Radical Participation exhibitions
  • To provide access to related material- readings, links, etc.

What is the DCCA?

The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, located on the Wilmington Riverfront, presents between 20 – 30 exhibitions annually of regionally, nationally and internationally recognized artists that explore topical issues in contemporary art and society. Learn more at http://www.thedcca.org

200 South Madison Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat: 10 to 5
Wed & Sun: 12 to 5
Mon: Closed
Admission: Always Free

Photography by Christian Kaye, www.christiankaye.com

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  1. […] places in our sector too, and I’m really excited by it. Dan Spock recently Tweeted a link to imPERFECT CITY – a fascinating sounding project from Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DCCA), which […]

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