Saturday, February 8, 10 a.m.

inCUBEate: Conceptualize Your Own Gallery or Exhibition

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Group Classroom Assignment: Drawing upon the text What Makes a Great Exhibition?, edited by Paula Marincola, and what we’ve learned in and outside of class thus far, we will conceptualize themes for a gallery or exhibition—and these ideas will later be exhibited as part of LWC III. Responses can be creative, straightforward, outrageous or subtle.

We will discuss criteria to analyze the success of an exhibition. Some questions Marincola’s book asks and which we will ask ourselves include: What are some examples of different types of exhibitions, galleries, and museums?; Can an exhibition be art?; How do you start conceiving of an exhibition’s theme and focus?; What is the relationship between the curator and the artist in producing an exhibition?; How should artists’ works shape and inform a curatorial premise?; Are the criteria by which we measure significance consistent and comparable across a typology of exhibitions?; What are the major critical and practical issues intrinsic to specific types of projects and how do they affect our conceptualization and direct our perception of their significance?; Granting the inherently ephemeral nature of exhibitions, what role must documentation play as an integral component in determining the reception and significance of the show?; What is the responsibility of the curator to frame and interpret the art works and underlying thematics of an exhibition for a spectrum of potential viewers of varying degrees of sophistication, interest, and tolerance?; Why shouldn’t even such prosaic components as wall labels or a gallery hand out be memorable as well as informative?

We will develop our criteria into an informational display in the LWC III exhibit opening in March and students may present the questions in the form of wall text, an online survey, a social media project, a gallery presentation, or even a performance.


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