Micro farming and radical reading!

We have received two new exciting proposals!

The first, proposed by Maeve Coudrelle (in conjunction with Maiza Hixson and Chris Golas) is a Radical Reading Room, intended as a space of introspection, where citizens can rest and enjoy a respite from the outside while meditating on their intellectual experience in the exhibition. A lounge and dedicated reading space, the room uses warm lighting and comfortable seating to simulate a serene, convivial atmosphere. Based on both the idea that “reading is radical” and the wish for citizens to be exposed to the theoretical underpinnings of the exhibition, the room will contain a number of books culled from the imPERFECT CITY reading list.

The Radical Reading Room looks to a number of past projects, including Fritz Haeg’s Sundown Salon, which hosted numerous performances, readings and communal events in a geodesic dome in Los Angeles. Haeg likewise designed a circular, uniquely lit, warm space in order to foster a sense of togetherness and creative inspiration.


The second, proposed by Philadelphia-based artist Chris Golas, is the DCCA’s First Locally Sourced Micro Farm and Cyber Cafe, which seeks to establish a fully functioning Farm within the walls of the DCCA and coupling that with the latest in cyber technology.

Through simple and cost effective means of construction and management a new type of farming will be developed that exists between the size of the average backyard urban garden and the timeless tradition of indoor container gardening.  Using the latest in cyber social communication, the farm will attract new participants to come experience life on a true Micro Farm.

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