Citizens Speak

The imPERFECT CITY Blog is a forum for everyone to talk about proposals for utopia. We rely upon your input to create a transparent and democratic curatorial process.

Would each of you kindly take ten minutes to leave a comment on this post reacting to the proposals and your developing aspirations for the exhibition?  


One thought on “Citizens Speak

  1. I would like to add that for people who did not attend our most recent town hall during which all of the first round of proposals were presented, the majority of them treat different aspects of utopia. For example, Ashley John Pigford’s cursive writing machine imagines a technological dystopia. Annette Giesecke and Donald Dunham propose a provocation for visitors to test the legal bounds of utopia with a wall text reading, “Utopia Above the Law.” Jules Bruck proposes an ecological utopia in which citizens are highly educated about the origins and destination of water. Steve Ruszkowski’s “Civic Benches” proposal imagines an architectural utopia in which people come face to face in the galleries through circular bench seating. These are only a few of the variety of utopian projects that have been presented so far. I am interested in a theory of utopia that imagines this particular brand of Imperfect self-organization…

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